Marine Geo Service is a reliable and responsible Russian provider of subsea geotechnical expertise. Since its inception it has been at the cutting edge of subsea surveys thanks to its extensive and diverse experience, dedication to creativity and technological mastery.

The company specializes in innovative solutions in the field of marine engineering and geological surveys, underwater engineering and devising equipment for their implementation. MGS operates two of its own research vessels and a drilling rig for geotechnical studies.

Many years of experience in fulfilling challenging projects, combined with highly qualified personnel, permits the successful completion of the most complex tasks.

Over 15 years of professional experience based on powerful technical and intellectual potential with over 50 successful projects
Dedicated R&D facility
Synergy of survey techniques, advanced HSE and QC standards
In-house and internationally recognized instrumentation & research fleet
Extensive knowledge of project context
Partnership with many Russian and international agencies and networking with the best experts
Performing both specific and multi-faceted engineering geological surveys
Possession of relevant certificates and permits and compliance with standards (ASTM, BS, ISO etc)


The basis of the HR potential of the company are qualified specialists: geologists, geophysics, engineers, designers, programmers, having professional skills and practical experience in all spheres of the company activity and sharing common understanding of the company strategy. Such team spirit helps Marine Geo Service to solve complicated technical and commercial tasks.

The HR policy of our company is constant improvement of the personnel management. The use of the modern instruments of control over the internal business-processes and motivation together with traditional approaches in the social sphere stimulate the initiative and promote the creativity that in turn helps to reduce the professional risks.

Our engineering staff and field parties are experienced in modern technological approaches and high-tech equipment due to participation in various advanced projects. We constantly organize special training and practices in marine engineering and geological surveys with the involvement of the company's own fleet.