Hybrid ROV Hippocamp

Specialized ROV for automatic layout of OBS streamers, nodes, transducers and cables at depths to 300 m. Equipped with automatic winch with 500-m capacity, slip-ring and cable-laying device. In the process of laying the cables, Intelligent Control System captures orientation of objects on the seabed and secures avoiding obstacles.

  • Depth rating to 300 m
  • Winch capacity - 500 m
  • Intelligent Control System
Key Specifications
TypeElectric, IMCA class V
Depth rating300 m
Dimensions (L / W / H)1.68 × 0.53 × 1.88 m
Weight (in air, without cable)180 kg
Payload50 kg
Thrusters1 × Bottom Runner 4500
Cameras and lights
Cameras1 × Full HD
LED lights count1 × 72 W
Digital compass
Power supply
On-board part220 V, 50 Hz, 3 kW
Subsea part320 V, 2 kW

* Specifications subject to change without notice