Valve pack

The valve pack is designed to control a 7-function hydraulic manipulator. An additional channel can be used to connect various hydraulic tools. Each channel is protected by a check valve to prevent damage to the hydraulic lines.

  • Proportional valves can be fitted
  • Simple contoller with lightweight software
  • Build-in pressure reducing valve
Key Specifications
Weight24 kg
Dimensions (L / W / H)395 mm х 260 mm х 225 mm
MaterialAnodyzed aluminium or stainless steel (optional)
Depth rating3000 m
Control lines8
Type of valvesSolenoid
Working pressure210 bar
Hydraulic oilShell Tellus 32
Connectors1 х MCBH16M
1 х MCBH8M

* Specifications subject to change without notice