ROV Accessories

ROV multiplexer (MGS MUX)

ROV multiplexer - MGS MUX - expands the basic functionality of the ROV and provides the ability to connect a wide range of additional equipment via various interfaces

ROV Latch

Completely unique design secures convenient launch & recovery operations of ROVs

Cable pulley

Designed to pay the cable outboard when working with ROVs and its protection from mechanical damage. Can optionally be equipped with a cable length counter

Cable length counter

The device is designed to measure the length of a cable or rope payed out overboard. The counter can be installed on any lifting device with a rotating unit

Valve pack

The valve pack is designed to control a 7-function hydraulic manipulator. An additional channel can be used to connect various hydraulic tools

HPU 4 kW

>HPU ensures functioning of the hydraulic system and hydraulic ROV manipulator

Reinforced slip-ring

The device is designated to be used in deep-water winches

Self-propelled chassis for ROVs

Designed and manufactured to use together with an ROV