MSS-1000 Observation Class ROV with Payload Option

MSS-1000 ROV (IMCA class II, observation class with payload option) with a power capacity of 12 kW, is intended to perform underwater operations at depths to 1000 m. Vectorized horizontal thrusters secure excellent maneuverability and high operational accuracy.

  • Operational temperature and depth rating (to 1000 m) guarantee safe work in extremely harsh environment
  • Reliable performance allows for the use of MSS-1000 in a wide range of subsea applications
  • Up to 35 kg payload and high-speed connection (1 Gbit/s)
Key specifications
Dimensions (L / W / H)1.40 х 0.90 х 0.77 m
Depth rating1000 m
Weight (in air)290 kg
Payload35 kg
Power supply3000 V, 400 Hz, 12 kW
Thrusters (lateral)4 × Bottom Runner 2500
Thrusters (vertical)2 × Bottom Runner 2500
Speed2.5 knots (lateral)
1.2 knots (vertical)
1.3 knots (lag)
Cameras2 × Full HD
LED lights2 × 24 W, 2 × 72 W
Pan-and-tilt1 × PU-20
SensorsDepth sensor
Digital compass
Survey interfaces4 × RS-232/485 12/24/220 V
1000 Base-T/Base-X
OptionsHydraulic 5-functions manipulator

* Specifications subject to change without notice