MSS-350 Observation Class ROV with Payload Option

MSS-350 ROV (IMCA class II, observation class with payload option) with power capacity of 10 kW, is intended to perform underwater operations at depths to 300 m. Vectorized horizontal thrusters secure excellent maneuverability and high operational accuracy.

  • Compact design and fast mobilization
  • Easy of operation
Key Specifications
Dimensions (L / W / H)1.05 х 0.83 х 1.15 m
Depth rating300 m
Weight (in air)370 kg
Payload30 kg
Power supply3000 V, 400 Hz, 10 kW
Thrusters (lateral)4 × Bottom Runner 2000W
Thrusters (vertical)2 × Bottom Runner 2000W
Cameras2 × Full HD
LED lights2 × 36 W
SensorsDepth sensor
Digital compass

* Specifications subject to change without notice