MagMaster Light Work Class ROV

MagMaster - ROV (IMCA class III, work class) with a power capacity of 35 kW, is intended to perform underwater operations at depths to 200 m in dedicated magnetic surveys for UXO detection followed by visual inspection. Can be easily reconfigured to carry out residual mine clearance and to solve other tasks.

  • Foldable frame for gradientometer sensors (7 meters length)
  • 4-function manupulator build from non-magnetic materials
  • Survey speed up to 1.5 knots
  • Vectorized horizontal thrusters secure excellent maneuverability and high operational accuracy
Key Specifications
Dimensions (L / W / H)3.54 × 2.25 × 1.2 m
Depth rating200 m
Weight (in air)500 kg
Payload150 kg
Power supply3000 V, 400 Hz, 35 kW
Thrusters (lateral)4 × Bottom Runner 4500
Thrusters (vertical)4 × Bottom Runner 4500
Speed2.5 knots (lateral)
1.5 knots (vertical)
1.5 knots (lag)
Cameras4 × Full HD
LED lights4 × 72 W
Pan-and-tilt device1 × PU-20
Manipulators1 × Grabber
1 × 4-functions, electric
SensorsDepth sensor
Digital compass
Survey interfaces4 × RS-232/485 12/24/220 V
1000 Base-T/Base-X

* Specifications subject to change without notice