ROV Parts

Thrusters 'Bottom Runner'

A series of compact thrusters with power from 1500 to 4500 W, providing propulsive thrust from 30 to 90 kg (3000 m depth rating)

Subsea Full HD cameras

A series of subsea Full HD cameras with wide-angle and zoom lenses

LED lights

A series of subsea LED lights with power from 24 to 230 W (3000 meters depth rating)

Pan & tilt unit PU-20

Provides a remote control over the position of the underwater camera or other accessories, securing min 1° positioning accuracy


Can be used as an auxiliary manipulator during underwater operations. Optional installation of a cable cutter is available

Laser scaller

Provides underwater measuring of the linear objects, it is possible to adjust the center distance and parallelism of the rays

Underwater fiber-optic connector

Suitable for work at depths to 3000 m and provides high-speed data transmission. The design secures quick connection of optical channels in heavy-duty operational conditions

Rotation Actuator

Designed to perform high-precision power operations. The gear ratio of the integrated gearbox varies from 1:5 to 1:100

Subsea cable assemblies

Intended for interconnection of various devices with the help of subsea connectors