Equipment rental

Marine Geo Service provides rental services for various equipment for marine research: geophysical, geotechnical, hydrographic and ROVs.

To enquire about rental conditions, cost and availability of equipment – please send a request by e-mail.

Power supply CSP 2200 (Applied Acoustic Engineering)

Single-channel seismic streamer (Applied Acoustic Engineering)

Data aquisition system (Chesapeake Technology)

Boomer (AA200) (Applied Acoustic Engineering)

Sparker (Squid 2000 / Squid 500) (Applied Acoustic Engineering)

Catamarane (CAT200) (Applied Acoustic Engineering)

Magnetometer MMPOS-1 (Quantum Magnetometry Laboratory)

Sub-bottom profiler (SBP) SES-2000 compact(Innomar)

Sub-bottom profiler (SBP) SeaKing SBP (ROV)(Tritech)

Sub-bottom profiler (SBP) SB-216S(EdgeTech)

Side scan sonar C-Max CM2(C-Max Ltd.)

Light jack-up platform

Piston-corer (24 meters length) (Geo Marine Survey Systems)

VP-1 vibrocorer

Litvinov field geotechnical set

Laboratory vane tester

Field vane tester

Pocket vane tester


Ohaus beam balance

DGNSS C-Nav 3050 (Oceaneering)

DGNSS SPS461 (Trimble)

DGNSS SPS351 (Trimble)

DGNSS R7 (Trimble)


MRU Octans IV 3000 (iXBlue)

MIDAS SVP/SVX2 (Valeport)

Tide gauge miniTIDE (Valeport)

ADCP Workhorse Sentinel 600 кГц (RDI)

Observation Class with Payload Option ROV MSS-1000 (Marine Geo Service)

Work Class ROV MagMaster (Marine Geo Service)

Sonar 1171HD-IMAG (Kongsberg)

Altimeter PA500 (Tritech)